The Columns has Arrived

Welcome everyone to the Columns, the prime source for written works on Mizzou sports and other collegiate/professional sports.  Mike and I are glad that we have finally created the site and are hope that you enjoy it.  If you like what you see, then make sure to come back and check it out as often as you can.  Let’s make this thing bigtime!

The Big East championship game that is on right now is gonna be a dogfight.  Louisville and Syracuse…. Pitino and Boeheim dueling in The Garden….. what more do you need?  I think Louisville is the most talented team in the country.  They have enormous depth off the bench and the best frontcourt in the country with Williams, Clark, and Samuels.  Their press defense is the only thing that compares with Mizzou’s 40 minutes of Hell style.  Right now, they are my pick to win the national championship.  You would have to be insane to not give Syracuse a shot in this game.  Sure they are tired after playing the last three nights, especially after that 6 overtime thriller with UConn, but the heart of this team will keep them in it.  They are fighting for a 3 seed right now.  Johnny Flynn will play his 4,546 consecutive minute in this one and should keep them in it right up to the last buzzer.  This is gonna be fun….


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