UPDATE: Anderson staying at Mizzou


Missouri Head Coach Mike Anderson will remain at the University of Missouri. (AP Photo)

Missouri Head Coach Mike Anderson will remain at the University of Missouri. (AP Photo)

   Despite all the rumors, all the speculation, The Columns has learned that the University of Missouri has re-signed Mike Anderson to a 7 year, $1.6 million contract, not including incentives.  Now that it is all water under the bridge and we can all relax, let’s recap some of the days rumors regarding Anderson and his coaching future.

– Anderson was offered a multi-year contract at Georgia worth a reported $2 million

– Anderson’s agent refuted that report

– Anderson reportedly turned down Georgia

– Anderson rumored to be getting an offer from the University of Memphis

– Reports out of Kansas City said that Kim English and Laurence Bowers would be transferring if Mike Anderson left Mizzou

– I’ve also heard that Steve Moore will be transferring regardless

– About an hour ago I heard rumor that Memphis was prepared to offer Anderson a contract worth nearly $3 million a year

– Finally the deal was confirmed that Anderson will still be staying.  The University will make an official announcement later this evening.



5 responses to “UPDATE: Anderson staying at Mizzou

  1. If that is really true that he is not taking the Memphis job, Anderson is a really great portrait of what it means to be loyal. Be thankful.

  2. mikepaulmizzou

    I’d say Mizzou fans everywhere are very thankful. He turned down more money (exact figures no one is quite sure) to stay here. He seems committed to his recruits and to this school which is awesome if you are a Tiger fan.

  3. You would think that Mike Anderson probably could saved some of those exiting Memphis/Calipari recruits had he taken the job but who is to say that they don’t end up at Missouri with Anderson after the dust settles anyway.

  4. mikepaulmizzou

    That would be a huge boost to the program if Mizzou were able to land some of those recruits. McDonald’s All American DeMarcus Cousins had Missouri in his top 4 before verbally committing to Memphis. In regards to any of Memphis’s recruits coming to Missouri, he’d be the best bet.

  5. I bet they all wind up at Kentucky. I was impressed to hear Calipari tell the Lexington crowd that those Memphis should consider staying at Memphis. The man has got a gift for BS. All of those recruits are legally allowed out of their letter of intent as result of the coaching change.

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