Inside recruiting: Mizzou hoops signs two

Over the weekend, the Missouri Tigers men’s basketball team added two new recruits.  Guest Contributor and recruiting analyst Tom Weyerich breaks down the newest Tigers.


Head Coach Mike Anderson will look to tap into the full potential of talented recruits Tyler Stone and Jon Underwood. (Getty Images photo)

Five guys were in town, four of whom were on official visits, top commit Mike Dixon was in just to hang out. The other 2009 commit, Keith Dewitt, came in for his official visit. This left three uncommitted players in on visits with the favorite to leave with an offer being Martino Brock. Brock plays the three as a slasher and is a good defender but subpar shooter (Sound like JT Tiller anyone?)  According to, Brock left this weekend without an offer and probably won’t receive one. The other two players who visited, left Columbia as members of the Tiger family.

             The first one that made news was Tyler Stone, a 6’7 PF from Memphis, where it would be nice to build a recruiting pipeline. Stone has been described as a Laurence Bowers clone. On a Memphis radio show, Keith Easterwood, an AAU coach from Memphis, who is regarded as a spot-on talent evaluator, talked about Stone. This was a summary posted on a message board:

Easterwood said that Stone is 17 and that if he were classified as a junior this year, he would be a much bigger name on the national stage. He thinks Stone can contribute next year at Mizzou and could be an All Big 12 guy later in his career. He also thinks Stone is a guy that could ultimately make a living playing the game.

   He also said that Easterwood was giving Memphis fans a heads up now because he expects them to all be complaining when they see another Memphis product playing in the NCAA tourney next year for Missouri.

Easterwood also added this to a Memphis recruiting board about the Tigers and Stone;

“Mike Anderson works Memphis extremely hard.  Stone is 6’7″, 6’8″, he’s only 17 years old. His upside makes him attractive to coaches. He’s Anderson’s type of player, long, athletic and hungry to prove that the big boys missed out on him.”

And a Memphis hoops site (

“Tyler Stone Breakdown: Top five big man in the state of Tennessee with potential to be a Top 3. Great hands and shoots the short jumper very well. Rebounds against other big men extremely well and gets the ball to the guard on the run in good fashion. Post up moves need work, facing up is pretty good and running the court will get better as time goes on. A major steal for any college program in the nation.”

Coach Anderson had this to say about Stone

“Tyler comes from a basketball family. He has good size, strength and aggressiveness. He comes from an area where a lot of players have made an impact around college basketball. We like his instincts and are excited to have him become a Missouri Tiger.”

Stone averaged 15 and 8 as a senior and was an All-City and All-Region choice.

The fourth man to round out Missouri’s recruiting class is Jonathan Underwood, a 6’9 or 6’10 rail thin big man listed between 190-210 lbs. from Maryland. At this point not much can be found on Underwood. He seems to be a prolific shot blocker, blocking 215 shots as a junior. He averaged 12 points 6 rebounds and 9 blocks a game as a junior and  pumped in 18 points 11 rebounds and 8 blocks as a senior. He was named first team All American by the National Private School Athletic Assocaition.


John Underwood, who blocked nearly 10 shots per game in high school, will give the Tigers a solid defensive presence down low. (Photo courtesy of ESPN)

Jon Underwood, who blocked nearly 10 shots per game in high school, will give the Tigers a solid defensive presence down low. (Photo courtesy of ESPN)

   Coach Anderson weighed in on Underwood:

   “With Jon, he gives us the ability to block and alter shots,” Anderson said in a press release. “He’s an athletic young man that can rebound and fits what we want to do.”

Anderson also added this about the two:

   “We addressed some of our basketball needs with these two young men and we also added two quality individuals to our locker room. They fit what we are looking for with regards to size and athleticism, and they join both Mike Dixon and Keith DeWitt to give us another good recruiting class.”

– Tom Weyerich



6 responses to “Inside recruiting: Mizzou hoops signs two

  1. This was a horrible and desperate move by the coaching staff. Yes, it was evident that we were going to be thin in the post next year after we missed out on Famous, so we needed one big man to develop, not two. Now we are stuck with a 1 star recruit and a 2 star recruit. This is not fraternity basketball. The staff should have waited a year and gone after a TALENTED post player from the Class of 2010. Now we will have three big men on the roster, not one who will start or contribute until at least his junior year. It is ridiculous that we went to the Elite Eight last year, yet we have the 7th best recruiting class IN OUR CONFERENCE.

    • mikepaulmizzou


      Missouri did miss out on its biggest recruit targets this year in Jarrid Famous and Michael Snaer, but coach Anderson isn’t going to give scholarships to just some random scrubs. Stone is a 3-star recruit according to rivals and he’s only 17 years old. Underwood isn’t ranked, but he’s moved around a lot and generally stayed under the radar. Who says these guys are talented?
      In recent years for Missouri basketball it’s been the unheralded recruits leading the Tigers to glory, not the highly ranked ones anyway. 4-star recruits Marshall Brown, Kalen Grimes and Jason Horton were supposed to restore Mizzou to glory – obviously that didn’t pan out. Marcus Denmon, Kimmie English, Lawrence Bowers, JT Tiller and Keith Ramsey were all 3-star guys and they will be some of this team’s biggest contributors. Matt Lawrence received no stars. I’d wait and see what these kids can do.

      I trust Mike Anderson and his staff’s ability to develop talent, but only time will tell. Thank you for you comment and hopefully these guys turn out a little better than expect.

      – MG

  2. It’s a nice feel good story that MU flew under the radar last year and had a super season in 08-09. But the Tigers will now have a target on their back and will get everyone’s best shot. In a league, where three teams are ranked pre-season top 10, that means competition. To maintain success, it is imperative to recruit great players. Mike Anderson is now getting paid as much as the big boys in the game, and to hang with them, he is going to have to recruit at a much higher level.

  3. One recruiting guru gave Mike Anderson a C+ for the job he did with this recruiting class:

  4. well coach anderson squeezes every ounce of potential out of HIS guys and matt lawernce haha. The two “unknowns” and i say that in reference to rivals coverage of them have the potential to be special. Underwood in fact recieved a lot of attention in the spring, don’t recall as it was some time ago who it was although some big east programs were involved

    DeWitt god willing he qualifies being 21 already should ease the loss of our 2 bigs and Dixon is special an all Big 12 caliber player

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