Tommy Saunders update

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Former MU receiver Tommy Saunders was recently cut by the Detroit Lions and is headed back to Mizzou... for now.

Former MU receiver Tommy Saunders was recently cut by the Detroit Lions and is headed back to Mizzou... for now (Photo by Josh Bickel, Columbia Missourian).

I wanted to provide a quick follow-up to the story on Tommy Saunders I did a few weeks ago:  Saunders had been practicing with the Detroit Lions in hopes of earning an invite to their training camp.  Unfortunately for Saunders, this past week he was cut by the Lions.

I spoke to Saunders earlier today via text message to ask him about the rumor he had been picked up by the St. Louis Rams. “I just went there for a workout,” he responded.  However, no deal was reached with the Rams.

When asked what his next move would be, Saunders replied, “Just workout at Mizzou until I get a call hopefully and help some of the wideouts at Mizzou too.”

Saunders, who  said earlier he would like to get into coaching once he finishes his playing career, looks like he will get his first crack at that as he will help out a Missouri receiving corps looking to replace it’s top three pass-catchers from last season.



2 responses to “Tommy Saunders update

  1. I think Tommy could be a great receivers coach. He may not have NFL speed, but he is one of the most intelligent receivers, knows how to run routes as well as anybody and has magnificent hands. Not to mention his famous work ethic and will to succeed. I think Detroit made a mistake. I hope it works to Tommy’s and Mizzou’s benefit.

    • mikepaulmizzou

      My thoughts exactly Trey. I don’t think an NFL team could as for a better player than Saunders to fill a role on special teams or at least the practice squad. Hopefully he’s able to help out Missouri’s receivers while he works out in Columbia waiting for his phone to ring.

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