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Time for a little reader interaction:

We're all about pleasing you, the fans, here at The Columns.

We're all about pleasing you, the fans, here at The Columns.

I posted this yesterday, but due to some technical difficulties I had to take it down.  It should work this time around…

As the Missouri football team prepares for a season in which they will have a lot of changes from last year, The Columns is also preparing for a big change of our own.  As great as has been to us, we will be taking our blog to its own independent website in the near future.  As we work on our design for this site, we would love to hear your comments.  After all, it’s you the reader we are trying to please.  In the pictures below are different template ideas our web designer has created.  Please comment and tell us which one you like the most.  Of course, this is just the planning phase and changes could be made to each template.  Love them all?  Find them all hideous?  Be honest, we won’t be offended.


Template 1

Template 1


Template 2

Template 2


Template 3

Template 3

4. draft template notes
Don’t want to waste your time registering for a wordpress username? I don’t blame you. Hit up our email or message us on twitter.  Anything works.



8 responses to “Tell us what you think

  1. Alright, I’ll kick things off with my own preference – I like #3 the best so far. Obviously, Mike Tomlin would be replaced with our own image.

  2. number 3 and then number 1 is my vote

  3. First of all, I just want to say I really enjoy your writing. I’d like to see more of it.

    Anyway I’d go with #3. That looks the best IMO

  4. 1 then 3. However since you guys are looking to cover multiple sports I wouldn’t use a football image.

  5. MizzouFanInAlbany

    #2 then #3

  6. The name “The Columns” is a great name and I think you should make that part of your banner but incorporate some Black & Gold for sure.

    What about photoshopping The Columns in front of a pic of the stadium during the Gold Rush or a kansASS bball game?

    Or photoshopping the players on the quad w/ Jesse Hall and The Columns in the pic?

    Just some suggestions and I look forward to reading your site in the future either way.

  7. mikepaulmizzou

    Thank you everyone for the feedback. As we look to improve our site and increase our output, we appreciate your feedback. The new site will definitely have our own images included. I like the columns in front of the crowd idea. The templates have generic images for now. When a final decision regarding the layout is reached later this month we will surely pass that info along to you. Thanks for reading.

  8. Go with #2!

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